Twilight Lounge

Every video you're about to watch was, at one point, the peak of everything I've ever tried to do. Some of them were fully planned out, others were made by grabbing some friends, giving them a very basic idea, and letting them do whatever. The goal of all of them was the same, though:

I wanted to make people laugh.

That's actually been my goal for 31 years now. A lot of things have come and gone, but that's always stayed the same. My favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is make people laugh. I'm sorry...I'm watching Elf right now. It snuck in. Anyways, these videos were made between 2010 and 2016 before 7Shakes Entertainment became an actual endeavor. The words "Twilight Lounge" were printed on one of those old school tin signs you could buy for $12 at Target, and my friends and I sort of adopted that for the series of films we were making. So if you were wondering where "Twilight Lounge" came from, it was Target. I stole it from Target.

the early years



Extra awesome

summer 2011 | improvised | single camera | edited in iMovie



dude vs bro (ppv teaser)

spring 2010 | pre-planned/improvised | single camera | edited in iMovie



it happened on a lazy afternoon

summer 2011 | pre-planned/improvised | single camera | edited in iMovie

7shakes: origins



remember the alabro

early 2016 | scripted | two camera set up | edited in Final Cut Pro X



in bed w/ sauce mccoy

early 2016 | improvised | three camera set up | edited in Final Cut Pro X



secret santa

winter 2015 | pre-planned/improvised | iPhone camera | edited on iMovie for iPhone

summer camp edition

Every video here was made with one tiny digital camera, edited in iMovie, and entirely improvised. Summer of 2011

i'm so hungry

I haven't been completely honest...

are you sure?

geek accident

Geek Accident was my first, earnest attempt at a video podcast. In November 2014, my friends and I got together to create a multi-segment YouTube channel focusing on movies, sports, video games and music. However, the endeavor was short lived. Long story short (I do this often): my computer crapped out, our lives got in the way, and without equipment that could keep up with the segments we had planned, we decided to call it. Since then, these guys have gone on to host the Shit Show Podcast, and I've got So Close To Greatness. It doesn't matter how you get there, it just matters that you get there. So sit back and enjoy "Get Your Geek On", the Geek Accident promo video, a reminder of what might have been. Multi camera set up, completely improvised, edited in Final Cut Pro X.