2018 NFL Playoffs

Have you ever listened to the podcast? First off, you should so click here. Second off, if you have, you'll know I have a very good friend of mine that I talk sports with. So far we've covered the NBA tip off back in September 2017, and we also covered the World Series back in November of the same year.

That friend is Player 2. He's a wonderful human being. Sports savvy. Knowledgable. Handsome. All of the above. Well, he's an extremely busy person, and just getting him behind the microphone is a) challenging and b) an absolute blessing. I wished to discuss the NFL playoffs and then do a Super Bowl recap, but in all honesty...who wants to hear me talk that much? So instead, we're just posting our brackets for the playoffs. Loser has to do...something. Get slapped by a fish or whatever. I'll figure it out. Anyways...enjoy our guesses on how the final games of the 17/18 NFL season will play out.



Player 2


So there you have it. As you can see, Player 2 has the slightly more conventional course to the big game. Except for the Panthers and the Jags. I, on the other hand, who relentlessly roots for underdogs and the unexpected, have chose a bit more of an unconventional route. Or not. I don't know. Anything can happen. 

...I like sports, y'all.

Robbie Clark