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So Close To Greatness is a podcast idea I've had for a while. From January 2016 to March 2017 I was a part of another podcast, a film based podcast, that I thoroughly enjoyed. After a year and a lot of fun conversation, I felt like I was in a box. I do enjoy movies, don't get me wrong, they're basically my life force, but I enjoy so many more things, and I wasn't given a chance to talk about them. After a hiatus between projects, and after a couple of guest spots on the Shit Show Podcast, I decided to finally start my own. And thus, So Close To Greatness was born. The title is two fold: 1) it basically is a metaphor for my journey to stardom (or D-list celebrity status, whichever comes first). I like to discuss movies, dissect them, learn and listen, and I feel like it's pretty good practice for when/if I ever make it to a Hollywood set.  

2) it's a reference to the people I sit with while I discuss the topic at hand. I'm very close to great people. I've been fortunate enough to meet and become friends with so many wonderful people, and the stories they have to tell, the ideas that they have, and their personalities are all so wonderful. While I'm the host of the show, the title is another reference to team work, because if it weren't for all these great people, I wouldn't have a show. It's science.

On the show, there are only three rules: no religion, no politics, no swearing. The first two are just personal rules. We get enough of those on a day to day basis, I'd rather just leave them at the door and move on with something a little lighter and funnier. The third one, and I'll deny this tooth and nail if you try to quote me on it, is out of consideration for my mother. I'd like to think, "could she listen to this at work if she wanted to?" Because if she can, then anyone can, which means a wider audience will be available in the future, and who am I to deprive you of my wonderful, made-for-radio voice? You can thank me later.

I'm currently discussing topics with my friends. That'll probably never change. But you want to know the ultimate goal?  It's to be able to reach out to celebrities, my idols of sorts, and pick their brains. Because I'm curious. I want to know as much as I can about everything I love. Maybe one day I can get Dan Hamon, Donald Glover, Jensen Ackles, or Emma Watson in the interview chair.  Maybe. Hopefully. Until that time comes, I'm gonna keep getting my best friends on the mic to talk about whatever we want. Sports, movies, TV hows, music, and life in general. It's a guaranteed good time. Want to hear what we've got so far?  Click HERE.