About robbie clark

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My name is Robbie Clark. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. To briefly sum up, I'm a videographer, actor, editor, writer, director, musician and podcast host.

I've recently started my own video production business, 7Shakes Entertainment, and my own podcast, So Close To Greatness.

The long and short is I love what I do. The creative process, figuring out how to bring a character to life, piecing a wedding, music video or event together...telling the story. Making people think. Entertaining people. Making them laugh. That's my favorite. 

Tucked away in this little corner of the internet, you'll find a significant chunk of me. Every video I've done, every podcast episodes, some writing I should do more of, but don't have the time for. It's all here, waiting for you.

I'd say "proceed with caution", but I'm too old to try to sound cool, and there's nothing here that you need to beware of. Most everything is SFW, with the only exception being some of the writing. I swear when I write sometimes. But that's it.

So that's the abridged version. To hear a short story long, click HERE.