About 7Shakes

About 7shakes

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In 1931 Gilbert Slater proposed a theory that Shakespeare was not just one man, but rather a collective of seven individuals.  The idea states that these people could write sonnets and plays outside of the realm of what they were most known for.  For a little more elaboration (my ramblings on the matter) click HERE.

I personally subscribe to this idea. It's easier to believe than a flat Earth or the Richard Gere/gerbil thing, which I realize is a dated reference, and yet here we are. But what I like most about the theory is the idea of team work.

When I started 7Shakes, I was really using an iPhone and iMovie. I had done a few things with my old digital camera before, but I wasn't really taking things seriously. I was mostly just promoting my bar shifts, because why not? But then people started encouraging me to do more and do better. So I did, and I tried some skits with the help of some friends. My "teammates" if you will. And things started to grow.

At some point in February of 2016, an old college friend of mine asked if her friends knew of a videographer for her wedding. For God knows whatever reason I offered to do the job. I had never done a wedding before, didn't have a lot of the proper equipment, didn't even know where to begin. But she accepted my offer, so I gathered up two of my friends, borrowed some equipment, and in October of 2016, I shot my first wedding.  For my first time, I don't think I did too bad.  Since then, I've only gotten better.  I think.  No, I'm...I'm pretty sure I have.  

I now have more than a few people constantly working with me and pushing me, and I believe that without them, I wouldn't be doing near the amount of work that I'm doing. I wanted to take the idea of team work put forth by Gilbert Slater, and embody it in a different capacity. With team work, I do believe that anything is possible. From a humongous movie set to a short film with just you and your best friend, very rarely can you get anything done yourself. And when I work on a wedding, a promotional clip, or a charity event we're all in it together. Until it comes time for me to disappear into the editing bay and throw it all together, we're a team. And hell, even then, if you have an idea, I'll listen.  If I can make it happen, I certainly will. My videos are the collective ideas of everyone involved, and that's how I like it. For the videos I've done so far, click HERE.  For pricing and contact information, click each of the bold words prior to this sentence.